Flawed recommendations

The ACCC recommendations are proposing a standard for the fitting of OPDs which are experimenting with farmers’ and other riders’ lives


  • An international team of experts at US based Dynamic Research, Inc., found that OPDs, particularly the Quad Bar should not be fitted to ATVs because of the risks of injury that they could cause.
  • The conclusions were based on simulations, validated by full-scale tests, of 110 real-world rollover accident scenarios on incidents from the US and UK - the most thorough and current research in the world.
  • DRI’s research has also found that OPDs caused as many rider injuries and fatalities as they prevented in 110 overturn events based on UK and US real-world accident scenarios.
  • Coronial inquest in Victoria, Queensland, NSW and Tasmania do not support the recommendations to fit OPDs.

No Silver Bullet to injuries and deaths

The ACCC recommendations are not a silver bullet to quad bike deaths and injuries


  • Rider behaviour is the biggest contributing factor to ATV safety.
  • Mandatory rider education and the wearing of safety helmets can reduce the number deaths.

No OPD design standard in Australia

There is no uniform design standard for OPDs in Australia.


  • Leading ATV brands will not fit OPDs to their ATVs because of fear of putting riders’ lives at risk.
  • Leading ATV brands - with their focus of rider safety - will not fit devices that are unproven and have no standards.
  • Companies fitting OPDs that do not meet national standards are open to accusations of ‘playing with farmers’ and other riders’ lives’.

No imports

Leading ATV brands have advised the Federal government that they will stop selling ATVs in Australia if the ACCC recommendation on OPDs becomes law.

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