Small Business calls for summit on Quad Bike safety

19th July 2019

Small to Medium Enterprise Australia (SMEA) today called on the Federal Government to convene an industry summit to address the Quad Bike Safety issue. “The forthcoming second attempt by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to address safety hazards posed by quad bikes...

TARS research and report 'seriously wanting'

25th June 2019

OPDs cause as many serious injuries as they prevent. Melbourne and Canberra based economics and public policy consultancy Pegasus Economics has found the Quad Bike Workplace Safety Survey Report by the UNSW TARS Research Centre to be “seriously wanting”. It found that there were...

Parents of six-year-old quad bike victim want change

31st May 2019

Josh Maxwell wants it to be known as "Myley's law": a series of coronial recommendations that, if implemented, could prevent tragedies similar to the one which took the life of his six-year-old daughter. Myley Maxwell was one of two young passengers on a quad bike being driven by a 13-year-old...

OPDs risk Quad bike deaths or serious injuries, US expert

30th March 2018

ATV riders with operator protection devices (OPDs) fitted to their quad bikes are risking death or serious injury, according to one for the world’s foremost authorities on ATV safety. With an international team of experts, US based Scott Kebschull, Vice President and Technical Director of...